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SAY WAH??? Woman gives birth atop Mango tree during Cyclone Idai

While Cyclone Idai left about a 1000 people dead and even more homeless,out of it also came life…
Amelia had contractions during the storms and opted to climb up a tree, she gave birth on the tree, and together with her son, clung to the branches for two days amidst the catastrophic destruction and deaths that characterized Cyclone Idai which hit Beira, Mozambique between March 4 to March 21. The woman identified simply as Amelia was forced to climb up a mango tree with her two-year-old son, and stayed up there after her home was swept away. As reported by BBC close to a day after finding “new home”, she delivered a baby girl, her newborn daughter was named Sara and the family is now staying at the accommodation center.

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