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Woman hires thugs to beat up her husband for slapping her…ends up killing him

A man recently shared an sad and pathetic story which depicts the danger of assumption and strife in marriage. His post detailed the life of a couple who got into a huge fight for issues which could have been settled amicably, but which instead ended up with the husband dead.

According to the man whose name on Facebook is Ufuoma Bernard, the man named Alloy was a pharmacist who loved his wife and provided everything she needed. He loved life and traveled a lot for fun or work. Things were going good until Alloy’s older sister had accommodation issues and opted to move in with his family. His wife was disapproving of the fact that he made her stay in the living room and not in a guest bedroom.

She started to stay away from home more often, using the gym as an excuse. Upon discovering that his wife was actually going to places other than the fitness center, Alloy confronted her. They had a big fight during which the pharmacist slapped her, hard. Following this, his wife sent four men to beat him up. From the gruesome beating, he had internal bleeding, and a couple of days later, died. Now, the woman who inadvertently caused his death has been arrested.

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